2016 Event Trailer - Marmot 24

2016 Event Trailer

The UK's only 24-hour mountain marathon, Marmot24™, will return 6-7th August 2016.

Marmot24™ 2016 - entries now OPEN!

Watch the Marmot24™ 2016 trailer NOW! Who is going to join us in 2016?

Posted by Marmot24 on Friday, 30 October 2015


Marmot24™ combines the very best elements of the predominantly British mountain marathon phenomenon with the most exciting aspects of the more international, 24-hour rogaining events. The result is a stunning new event format that was launched to widespread acclaim in 2014. With mountain running and navigation at the heart of the event competitors have up to 24-hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible on a score format course. Competitors are able to compete solo, in teams of two, or in four person tag teams.

The Marmot24™ Event Centre is typically right in the heart of the competition area with checkpoints scattered 360° around allowing maximum route choice so that competitors can choose to pass through the event centre during the race, with the solo and two-person teams making the choice whether to rest, or eat, whilst the four-person tag teams can tag-in their team mates; swapping tired runners for fresh runners. The event centre is a hub of activity with a large marquee, race control, catering and camping for competitors and supporters. Supporters are actively encouraged and they can provide help for the competitors (cook meals for example) at the event centre.

Wild Camp or Return to Base?
Teams make a personal choice whether to camp wild or returning to base during the 24-hour period. Return to base has the advantage of allowing a team to access their camping equipment, food and support from friends and family at the Event Centre, but they may have to run additional distance without scoring to return to the Event Centre and head back out again. Alternatively, teams may 'bivvi' in their survival bag for a few hours or take some extra kit and wild camp. Ultimately, this is each teams' choice and this is one of the great things about Marmot24™. Our winning 24-hour competitors will continue non-stop for the entire duration of the event!

12-Hour Competition
Competitors wishing to take part in the 12-hour competition must have finished within 12 hours. There are no penalties for being late back... you are just automatically entered into the 24-hour competition after 12 hours and 1 second!  

24-Hour Competition
Any competitor who has not finished after 12 hours is automatically entered into the 'up to 24-hour race'. In the 24-hour competition, teams have up to 24-hours to score points. The 24-hour race must be finished by 12 noon on Sunday and teams that are late finishing are penalised.

GPS Tracking
For the 2016 Marmot Dark Mountains™ event we will be introducing live GPS tracking. We are doing this to add significantly to the event safety and to engage with the friends and family of competitors. It will be exciting viewing! Each pair will be required to carry a GPS tracker.