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Elite Spanish Teams head for Marmot24

28th Apr 2014

Whether trail or mountain running, expedition racing, orienteering, rogaining or adventure racing, a multitalented team of competitors from Spain including, Aurelio Antonio Olivar, the 2013 European Rogaine Champion, are heading to Marmot24™ this August!

The inaugural Marmot24™, will be held on the weekend 2nd and 3rd August 2014 and it is the UK's first 24-hour mountain marathon. This exciting new event combines the very best elements of the predominantly British mountain marathon phenomenon with aspects of the more international,  24-hour rogaining events. With mountain running and navigation at the heart of the event competitors will have 24,  12 or 6-hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible on a score format course.

Above: Aurelio Antonio Olivar and Angel Garcia

The first Spanish team is made up of Aurelio Antonio Olivar and Angel Garcia. Aurelio was the European Rogaine Champion in 2013, whilst Angel won the Spanish national adventure racing championships that same year. Both Aurelio and Angel have a proven track record of national and international wins across a range of endurance running sports and they should be capable of challenging any leading British team.

Above: Mònica Aguilera and Marc Raflos

The second Spainish team is no less impressive and consists of Mònica Aguilera and Marc Raflos. If Mònica hasn’t won it, it probably isn’t worth racing! Mònica’s running CV is devastatingly impressive with top-level wins that date back to the 1990’s. She was World Adventure Race Champion, has won the Marathon de Sables, Trangrancanaria, Transvulcania and many more. Mònica’s running partner is also a force to reckoned with. Marc Raflos has been the Spanish national orienteering champion three times and the pair has a history of winning together.

Back in September 2012 it was the large team of Spanish ultra runners that proved themselves to be the most good humoured and fun competitors at the Dragon’s Back Race™: always ready to share a joke or sing a song! As the number of international competitors heading to Marmot24™ this summer steadily grows they are certain to add a genuine, and very positive extra dimension to the race for everyone involved.

Our new Spanish teams are proven winners on the international racing scene and it will be fascinating to see how they fair against the UK’s best. When Marmot24™ was launch in November 2013, seven times OMM Elite winner, Steve Birkinshaw was quick to endorse the event saying that, “A non-stop 24-hour mountain marathon has been missing from the UK calendar, the Marmot24™ fill this gap. It sounds like a great event that I am really looking forward to competing in.”

Above: Ferran Broceño

Joining Aurelio Antonio Olivar and Angel Garcia and Mònica Aguilera and Marc Raflos is Ferran Broceño who is the Marmot agent in Spain. He will be competing with Pep Mayolas, the European M40 Rogaining Champion in 2013.

Remember, the entry price for Marmot24™ goes up at the end of May…

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