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Competition Area Announced + Other Updates

2nd Jun 2014

Above: Race Director, Shane Ohly announces the competition area for the inaugural Marmot24™.

We are very excited to announce that the the inaugural Marmot24™, which will be held on the weekend 2nd and 3rd August 2014, will be the Lake District National Park.

The Event Centre location for Marmot24™ this August is  close to Guardhouse in the Lake District National Park.  Guardhouse is close to Threlkeld and just minutes off the A66.

The EXACT StreetMap location is HERE and the closest postcode for satnav users is CA12 4SZ. The Event Centre is approximately 13 miles and 20 minutes driving time from Penrith (junction 40 on the M6).

The Event Centre will be signed from the A66. Please take GREAT CARE turning off and rejoining the A66 as it a very busy main road. There are a number of gates on the approach road to the Event Centre that must remain shut at all times.

The Competition Area
The competition area stretches 360 degrees from the Event Centre and includes approximatley 300 square kilometres. To the north are the remote Northern Fells guarded by the imposing flanks of Blencathra. To the south Clough Head marks the start of the Dodd's ridge running towards Helvellyn and ultimately Ambleside. The terrain is perfect for a mountain marathon with laser fast ridges and valleys linking areas of complex contour features. There is also a great network of footpaths and tracks but competitors will need to balance easy running on these, with more direct routes between checkpoints. This area of mountains can be very challenging with steep mountains, cliffs, marshland, fast flowing rivers and energy sapping tussocks. Bad weather can happen year round and the nature of the mountains can change very quickly from benign to dangerous. Please come prepared.

Updates to the Event Format

Please note the revised 'Open' and 'Close' times for registration.

Saturday 2nd August 2014
0830 - Car Park Opens
0900 - 24-Hour Registration Opens
1100 - 24-Hour Registration Closes
1200 (noon) - 24-Hour Start
2000 - 12 and 6-Hour Registration Opens
2300 - 12 and 6-Hour Registration Closes
0000 (midnight) - 12-Hour Start

Sunday 3rd August 2014
0400 - 6-Hour Registration Opens
0500 - 6-Hour Registration Closes
0600 - 6-Hour Start
1200 - Final Finish Time (for all courses)
1230 - Courses Close
1300 - Prize Giving
1600 - Car Park Closes

Competitors must have registered at least one hour before their start time.

Competition Maps

Please note the revised information about the competition maps.

In a change from our original plan, we will now be issuing maps to competitors when they register. If you register early, this will give you more time to plan your route and tactics. Marmot24™ will use a specially commissioned, bespoke map based on the Harvey British Mountain Map of the Lake District. However, all of the contour shading and words (i.e. the names of mountains, streams and farms etc) will be removed. Contour heights will remain on the map. The scale of the map will be 1:40,000. Control description (i.e. Stream Junction) will be printed on the map and no seperate control descriptions will be issued. Showing the race map to another team on the shorter course (for example a 24-hour team showing the map to a 6-hour team) is absolutely forbidden, spoils the nature of the challenge and will lead to both teams being disqualified.


Please note the confirmed information about how the event scoring will work.

  • All checkpoints will have the same score value, which is 10.
  • Competitors arriving back late will be penalised as follows:
    • up to 5 minutes late = lose 1 point per minute / part minute.
    • between 6 and 15 minutes late = lose 5 points per minute / part minute.
    • between 16 and 29 minutes late = lose 10 points per minute / part minute.
    • Over 30 minutes late = loose all points!

For example:

  • If your team scored 200 points on the 24-hour course but arrived back in 24:00:01 you would loose 1 point. The final score would be 199.
  • If your team scored 200 points on the 24-hour course but arrived back in 24:09:12 you would loose 30 points (1 point per minute for the first five minutes, then 5 points per minute for the next four minutes and then another 5 points for the last part minute of 12 seconds). The final score would be 170.

The winning team will be the team with the highest score. If two teams have the same score, then the team with the fastest time wins. If two teams have equal scores and time, they will be equal.

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