News - Tue 22nd Jul 2014 - Friday Night Camping & Catering - Marmot 24

Friday Night Camping & Catering

22nd Jul 2014

Above: Camping at the Event Centre (at the Great Lakeland 3Day - 2014). © Ian Corless

There have been lots of requests from competitors in the last few days to stay at the Event Centre on Friday night (1st August). Originally, our agreement with the landowner only allowed competitor access to the site on Saturday and Sunday. However, due to the obvious demand we have now agreed with the landowner that competitors can stay at the Event Centre on the Friday as well.

The Event Centre will NOT be open until 1800 on the Friday evening. Please do not turn up early... there will not be any water or loos!

At the Event Centre it will be possible for competitors (and supporters) to purchase a basic vegetarian main meal and/or breakfast, snacks and cold drinks from 1900 on Friday evening. We will be providing a free vegetarian main meal for all competitors when they finish on Sunday.

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