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Spontly - Download the Marmot24 App

30th Jul 2014


Working with Spontly, we have just launched a new app for Marmot24™.

The Marmot24™ app is the best way to share all your photos and expereinces from the race. It also allows you check details about this year's race, whether it be how to enter, race details, news or anything.

Simply download the app using the links below, "Check In" and then take photos at the event and they will seamlessly share with those around you at the race, and onto the Marmot24™ website. Connect the app with your Facebook and Twitter and you can also instantly share your posts direct to your social accounts.

- Every photo/comment made at an event is shared in the live Event Stream, allowing you to see the live action from different perspectives.
- The application also features an unrivalled event day experience. Check in and post to the event stream and interact with fellow members at the event, or discuss the latest if you couldn’t make it. 
- On your way? Follow the live stream and keep up to date with updates and photos from the event - be close to the action wherever you are!
- Share with everyone. Your moments can be easily shared from the app to Facebook and Twitter.
- Stay up to date with all the latest news from the Sheffield Trail-Rush, their fans and runners. Keep up with push notifications delivering news instantly to your phone.
- Bookmark events and receive reminders to ensure you never miss the action.
- Easily invite friends, fellow members and family to events.
- Collaborate by giving and receiving likes, as well as live commenting at each event.
- Personalise your photos with filters such as Black & White, Sepia and Coquin.
- Learn the route, rules and more by using the detailed information pages.

Download Spontly here:


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