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Marmot24™ 2014 Race Directors Report

12th Aug 2014

Above: Marmot24™ Race Director, Shane Ohly, describes the inaugural non-stop, 24-hour, mountain marathon, rogaining event that is Marmot24™ from the race organiser perspective as the event unfolds. The race happened the weekend 2nd/3rd August 2014 in the stunning Lake District National Park and attracting teams from across Europe with the 2013 European Rogaining Champion, Aurelio Antonio Olivar from Spain, winning with race partner, Angel Garcia.

Race Directors Video Report
Rather than write lots and lots, I’ve waffled on, lots and lots! Please watch the video above for my take on Marmot24.

Trail Running Magazine
The rain is HAMMERING down! The mountains loom ominously above me, ever present and threatening whilst dark, thundery clouds swirl around. It could be a scene from Lord of the Rings. Ordinarily, runners would be heading to the nearest café for coffee and cake, to wax lyrical about triumphs past and to plan training regimes that would strike fear into the hearts of Olympians.

Instead, I am standing on the start line of Marmot24™, surrounded by runners: runners of the finest caliber, runners who are made of a different kind of inner metal. They have come from across Britain and Europe, answering the call to arms when the race was announced. 

…Above, are the first two paragraphs of my feature article for Trail Running magazine about Marmot24™. It’ll be in the Oct/Nov15 issue (issue 22), which is on sale from the 4 Sept). 

Superlatives about the weather aside, Marmot24™ felt like a great event to me and I hope that we have all built a solid foundation for the UK’s newest mountain marathon… or should that be the UK’s first rogain? 

The inspiration for the event was to take the ethos of mountain marathons but the format of 24-hour rogaining events. It seemed to work but I would love to hear all your thoughts, good and bad. 

There has already been some extremely positive feedback from some competitors HERE but if you would like to take the time to email me any comments that would be greatly appreciated.

The ethos of Marmot24™ is very much that, once started, the teams are responsible for their own safety and route choice. As such, it was no surprise that the leading teams simply disappeared into the cloud and mountains and we heard nothing until they began to finish late on Sunday morning nearly 24-hours later. Experienced Scottish mountain marathoners Kenny Leitch and Keith Masson stacked up a huge score of 380 points. However, it was the 2013 European Rogaining Champion, Spaniard Aurelio Antonio Olivar and his partner Angel Garcia, that proved worthy of their international reputation, scoring 390 points and winning Marmot24™. These two teams scored 100+ points more than any other teams and were really a class apart. 

The results are now finalised and available HERE

Congratulations to everyone who won a trophy but also, congratulations, to everyone who got on the hill in such challenging weather. I can assure you that the marshalling team was suitably impressed as we sheltered from pulse after pulse of rain from within the mess tent.

Marmot T-shirts
I am looking into whether we can order a second batch of Marmot24™ t-shirts and hope to be able to keep the price at £14.99 per t-shirt if there is sufficient interest. If you would like one, please email before Monday 25th August:


I will be posting maps to competitors who had paid for an entry but were unable to make it to the event. These will be sent towards the end of August. If you would like a copy of the map, they are available for £5 each. Please email me:

Photo Galleries
The effervescent Liam Lonsdale from Marmot UK captured some great images of the action at the 2014 Marmot24™ HERE.

Despite the weather, professional photographer, Ian Corless from Talk Ultra Ian Corless did a first class job bringing to life the inaugural Marmot24™ with this vibrant selection of photos from the race HERE

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