News - Sun 24th Aug 2014 - Marmot24 & Trail Running Mag Feature Video - Marmot 24

Marmot24 & Trail Running Mag Feature Video

24th Aug 2014

This video provides an insight into the making of a feature article for Trail Running magazine, which will be in the Oct/Nov issue (on sale 4th September 2014). It will be a major feature about the UK's newest Mountain Marathon... Marmot24™.

Shane Ohly (Marmot24™ Race Director), Ben Winston (Photographer), Liam Lonsdale (MarmotUK) where joined by Marmot24™ competitors Darrel Singh, David Wilson, Kate Wilson and Ben Wilson for a fantastic day on the hills to get the photos needed for the article.

Shame the weather wasn't so nice for the actual event!

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