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2015 Entries Open and Update to Format

13th Nov 2014


Above: Racing into the night. Your choice with the super flexible 12 or 24-hour options.
© Ian Corless

The UK's only 24-hour mountain marathon, Marmot24™, will return in 2015 and be held on the weekend 25th and 26th July.

Marmot24™ combines the very best elements of the predominantly British mountain marathon phenomenon with the most exciting aspects of the more international, 24-hour rogaining events. The result is stunning new event format that was launched to widespread acclaim in 2014. With mountain running and navigation at the heart of the event competitors have 24 or 12-hours to visit as many checkpoints as possible on a score format course. Competitors will be able to compete solo or in teams of two or four.

Race Director, Shane Ohly said “It is that time of year when I reflect carefully on all our events and Marmot24™ was a real standout success in 2014 for both the competitors and I. It is an event that is close to my heart in terms of being rooted in adventurous, endurance-focused mountain running and with navigation and self-sufficiency at its core. Feedback from the inaugural event in August was absolutely awesome but I am going to tweak the event design just a little, based on our first year experience, so that Marmot24™ will continue to be a success in 2015. I look forward to seeing friends and regular mountain marathon competitors there.”

The 2015 location will be announced on the 1st June but the event will be held within 2½ hours drive of Manchester Airport in the heart of a spectacular and remote mountain area.

So the updates to the event design are:

New July Date
Our intention was to stick with the same ‘first weekend of August’ for Marmot24™ that we used in 2014. However, in 2015 the World Orienteering Championships are coming to Scotland and we feel that some competitors may wish to get involved with the excellent spectator races that accompany this event. As such, we are moving Marmot24™ to the last weekend in July for 2015 only. We plan to return to the first weekend of August for 2016 onwards.

New Solo Category
There is a new solo entry category in addition to the established pairs and 4-person team categories. However, the solo category is reserved for the most experienced mountain running competitors and entries will only be accepted from competitors with high standard mountain running and navigational race experience. No exceptions! Please email and check your experience before entering if you are unsure. 

New Friday Night Film, Food and Camping Option
In 2015 competitors are very welcome to arrive at the Event Centre from 1800 on Friday night. Registration will be open between 1800 and 2000 and everyone can relax and socialise before the race. When you enter online there is an option to pay for the ‘Friday Night Film & Food’ for £10 (details HERE). Competitors do not need to pay for the ‘Food & Film’ option if they just wish to camp at the Event Centre on Friday night. There will be a bar serving some super beers from our partners at the Wylam Brewery. £2 per pint!

New 24 and 12-Hour Options Only and New Combined Start
We have removed the 6-hour course option completely and we will be starting both the 24 and 12-hour courses simultaneously at 1200 noon on the Saturday. It will be an exciting and dramatic beginning to a memorable weekend of racing. Simply enter the event and choose your course by default, once you start running, by either finishing after 12-hours, or continuing for the full 24! This gives all the competitors maximum flexibility with their entry and they don’t need to commit to the full 24-hours until they are on the hill and can gauge how they are doing.

Updated Checkpoint Location Design
There will more checkpoint locations closer to the Event Centre. This will have the effect of reducing the difference between the highest and lowest scoring teams, because it will be slightly easier to score points and there will be greater route choice for teams staying closer to the Event Centre, whilst the leading elite teams will have to work a little harder because there will be slightly fewer checkpoints options further out. 

Updated Late Penalties
We have reduced the harshness of the Late Penalties (details HERE) so that teams have more incentive to ‘take a risk’ and attempt to get an extra control rather than ‘play it safe’ and arrive back with plenty of time to spare. We hope that this will improve the excitement, tactics and strategy for everyone participating at Marmot24™.

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