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Marmot24 2015 Location Revealed: Lowther Hills

1st Jun 2015

The 2015 Marmot24™ will be in the Lowther Hills in Southern Scotland with the Event Centre at Durisdeer. Access to our Durisdeer Event Centre is from junction 14 on the M74. The Event Centre is where competitors will arrive, park, camp, register, start and finish for the weekend. 

The Lowther Hills (also known as the ‘Lowthers’) consist of an extensive area of upland hills in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. 

Above: The Dalveen Pass in the heart of the Lowther Hills. © Shane Ohly

The Lowthers are a fantastic area for mountain running and are famous for their steep-sided rolling hills that make for punishing ascents, but superb and fast ridge running on the tops. With many areas of historical mining plus a vast valley network, the Lowther Hills have a wealth of complex contour detail. This is truly one of the premier mountain marathon areas in the UK.

From the Event Centre at Durisdeer our competition area spreads east, north and south with lightening quick access into the hills. 

Above: Typical scenes of steep-sided rolling hills that Lowther Hills are famous for. © Shane Ohly

In 2014, when the inaugural Marmot24™ was held in the Lake District National Park the competition area was over 300 square kilometres. The Lowther Hills competition area is slightly less than this, but with significantly less ‘dead space’ such as urban areas, lakes and forest. There are few footpaths in the Lowthers but because sheep extensively graze the area, much of the terrain is short grass moorland, which is great for running on.

Bad weather can occur and the 2014 Marmot24™ had some very challenging conditions. All competitors are reminded that the nature of the mountains can change very quickly from benign to dangerous and the Lowther Hills are no exception to this. Come prepared!

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