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Marmot24™ 2015 - Race Director’s Report

28th Jul 2015


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©

Marmot24™ is one of the small and friendly mountain running events that the mountain marathon community love. Many people will be familiar with the British mountain marathon format but less will have experience of the more international rogaining format. Marmot24™ combines the best of both, and the result is one hell of an awesome race… that is, of course, if you want heaps of mountain running, lashings of endurance and both night and day navigation? It is a very big challenge and the competitors at the 2014 and 2015 events seem universally agreed that it is the toughest mountain marathon out there.

It is a pleasure to organise. The event is really close to my heart and my personal love of mountain running and navigational events that have a strong emphasis on being self-sufficient and responsible for your own actions. 


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©


Marmot24™ 2016 – Your Thoughts Please
Looking ahead, we’re really keen to receive your input on how we can make the event more sustainable; the honest bottom line is that we need more of you, the competitors, to make the event feasible in the long term. Please could you share with us what you like best about the event, why you decided to enter and what you think would encourage more people to enter?

To steer opinion on a couple of thoughts, we could consider:

  • Hosting the event in a more remote and wild setting, really embracing the adventurous ethos of the event; think the Scottish Highlands with access only by boat making a long weekend of an extremely special area. How does this grab you?
  • Only having the 24-hour option and encouraging competitors to wild camp and savour the remote environment if they wish to have a shorter racing time on the hill OR only having the 12-hour option in the belief that this still gives a challenging experience in daylight and darkness! 
  • GPS tracking for everyone enabling real-time updates to make the event more engage-able (think Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race™), not least by creating a more family friendly event centre to host your supporters with live tracking for them to watch, and if present at the event base - friends/family/resting team members to also stay updated? This would also increase safety but it would add cost - what do you think?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please direct all comments to


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Both the 12 and 24-hour courses started at 12 noon on Saturday. As midnight approached the 12-hour competitors began to arrive back but it was Chris Baynham-Hughes arriving back with just 13 minutes to spare who had scooped up 250 points (25 checkpoints – they are all worth 10 points each) and was our clear winner - congratulations to Chris on his first Mountain Marathon win! Sarah Fuller was our female winner after she had to pull out of the 24-hour race due to injury but finished within the 12-hour cut-off and automatically counted for this race. If she had been able to continue for the full 24-hours I am sure we would have seen a huge score.

The 24-hour competitors trickled in as the sun rose on Sunday morning. However, with an event like Marmot24™ you really don’t have any idea how the leading teams are doing, because they stay out for the full 24 hours. It really is a super tough challenge - the leading competitors (all solo runners) covered a huge amount of difficult mountainous terrain. There were tense moments as the late finishers compared scores and times. In the end Rick Ansell and Peter Wilkie were tied on 360 points but Rick’s time – just six minutes faster – was the decisive factor. 

Full results are available HERE

I would like to say how impressed I am by all the competitors and their adventurous and self-sufficient approach to this event. For those who haven’t taken part yet just imagine how tired you feel after 6 or 7 hours at a normal mountain marathon… but then imagine continuing for 12 or 24 hours!


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©


Marmot24™ 2015 - Feedback 
The feedback we've heard on the finish line is overwhelmingly positive, thanks! We’re really glad you enjoyed taking part as much as we did organising the event. I am certain that most of your feedback will be wrapped up in any comments received about the 2016 event. That said, your feedback is really important to us so please don’t be shy. Some comments received already are HERE.

Simply direct all feedback to


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©

Ian Corless Photography and Reporting
Ian Corless from TalkUltra was on hand to document the event and his fantastic photos and great post match report make wonderful viewing here:


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©


Thanks – Sponsors
Marmot are the title sponsors of Marmot™ and their support is absolutely critical for enabling the event to proceed in the manner it has for the last two years. Thank you Marmot! The event is also supported by Petzl and Harvey maps and I would like to extend all of our thanks to these excellent outdoor brands.

Thanks – Event Team
I nearly always start my Race Director’s reports with the many ‘thank you’ messages that are needed, but in a break from my normal format, I have decided to save these to the end on this occasion. As far as the portfolio of Ourea Events’ races goes, Marmot24™ is probably the easiest one to work on as there is a significant period of downtime after the 12 noon start on Saturday. The team enjoyed the good weather, chatting outside, playing Frisbee and entertaining Bodie (Joe from, Joey’s Coffee, lovely dog). I even managed to get some important documents for the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline completed! That said, there are periods of intense activity as well, especially as the volume of finishers increases as the 12 and 24-hour deadlines approach and then of course there are the unexpected emergencies in the middle of the night; thankfully just one that was efficiently dealt with by the volunteer team. We also managed to collect all 49 checkpoints in on Sunday whilst breaking down and packing away the Event Centre as the rain set it.


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Small, grass-roots mountain running events like Marmot24™ are totally dependant on the Events Team, which is almost exclusively made up of volunteers. I would like to very sincerely thank everyone who helped make this excellent little event come to life. They include:

  • Simon Dixon
  • Paul Imrie
  • Phil Wilkinson
  • Ian Cowie
  • Andy Burton
  • Jean Sinclair
  • Colin Harding
  • Kate Parr
  • Mark Wilson

And of course, Gary Tompsett (Course Planner), Tom Hecht (Admin and Marketing) and Heather Ohly (Catering) from Ourea Events.


Image courtesy of Ian Corless ©

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