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Change To Scoring System Revealed

21st Jun 2016

Marmot24™ is shaping up beautifully. Literally. After a long dry spell in May and early June, the ground is generally firm, and now after recent rain, the vegetation is lush, and very green - giving very picturesque valleys. Whether tree, grass or bracken, one strong memory of this event will be the colour green - and seeking checkpoints in this greenery! The only colour exception is the heather - oh and maybe the sky. There's not much heather thankfully, though the bracken (ferns) is creeping up in height, so beware of route-choicing through these jungles!

2016 course preview

Marmot24 planner Gary Tompsett pauses briefly to assess just how green everything is!

Posted by Marmot24 on Thursday, 16 June 2016

Marmot24™ planner, Gary Tompsett, pauses briefly to assess just how green everything is!


We are changing the scoring system. For the first two years of the event, we have had equal values for all the checkpoints, regardless of where they are located on the course. For 2016, many of the checkpoints that are farther away from the Event Centre will score fewer points than those nearer to the Event Centre! This is an important change, especially for our elite competitors, because it will become very difficult for anyone to get those monster scores, and the margin between all our participants will be reduced. We hope that this will make for some fascinating post-event analysis and more challenging planning in those 3 crucial hours between the maps being handed out, and the start of the event.



Charlotte Turner and Lydia Farzin-Nia planning their 24-hour adventure at the 2015 Marmot24™ ©IanCorless


The 2016 Map

The map is compiled by the experts - Harvey Maps. The navigational challenge area will be a maximum of 15 x 20km in size (that is 300 square km!), printed at a maximum of 500 x 700mm on Harvey's proven waterproof paper, and will be based on Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 scale mapping reduced to 1:30 000, and carefully colour balanced and colour saturated to give very legible reading details. Overprinting includes additional fences/walls, the all-important crossing points, and the checkpoints and their values (of course). Maps will be handed out from 0900 on Saturday morning, with a mass start for everyone at 1200 noon. 



You're in safe hands! Race Director Shane Ohly (left) and Race Planner Gary Tompsett (right), have been busy on the preparations for Marmot24™ this August ©IanCorless


Fast-forward to the event weekend for a moment, and picture yourself based and camped in a large and delightful field in the Yarrow Valley. In fact, beside the tiny village of Yarrow itself. We'll now let you trawl mapping to see if you can predict how far north, east, south and west you might travel, what summits you might reach and what valleys you might plumb!


A re-entrant above the Yarrow valley Lonely glens to discover Misty cairns to find

Sweeping hills and sheep shelter walls An extensive forest for you to navigate a way through A few cairn checkpoints but please don't lean on this one

A selection of 'green' photos from a recent recce. Click/tap to enlarge ©Gary Tompsett


We look forward to seeing you all this August for another fantastic weekend of non-stop mountain adventures at Marmot24™.

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