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Marmot24™ 2016 Event Centre & T-Shirt Revealed

6th Jul 2016


Event Centre Location

The Event Centre for the 2016 Marmot24™ is the picturesque village of Yarrow in the Scottish Borders. Yarrow is on the A708 approximately 10km west of Selkirk, and 35km east of Moffat. The Event Centre field, which is where the start/finish, catering, toilets, car parking, weekend camping and marquee cinema are located, is immediately beyond the church. The Event Centre will be sign-posted with 'Event Parking' as participants enter the village from either direction. Map to follow in final details.


Marmot24™ 2016 Event Centre Revealed!

Event Director Shane Ohly reveals further details about the UK's only up to 24-hour non-stop mountain marathon: Marmot24 Join us on the first weekend of August!

Posted by Marmot24 on Wednesday, 6 July 2016


2016 Optional Extras - Friday Night Film & Food

As ever, we'd be delighted if you would join us for an evening meal, cake, (non-alcoholic) drinks, and a selection of the Best of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) films. Please check out the incredibly tasty and visually stunning options now

Deadline: Sunday 31st July



Of Fells & Hills - one of the 5 inspirational videos in the Best of ShAFF Friday night film programme. Image ©Of Fells & Hills



2016 Optional Extras - T-Shirt

We're proud to reveal the official 2016 Marmot24™ T-shirt design to be printed on the finest organic cotton material (provisional artwork). Want one? Here is the direct link for you torder one now via the optional extras section in SI Entries for only £19.95

Deadline: Sunday 22nd July



Further to our announcement in June, we would like to remind participants that we are changing the scoring system in 2016. For the first two years of the event, we have had equal values for all the checkpoints, regardless of where they are located on the course. For 2016, many of the checkpoints that are farther away from the Event Centre will score fewer points than those nearer to the Event Centre! This is an important change, especially for our elite participant, because it will become very difficult for anyone to get those monster scores, and the margin between all our participants will be reduced. We hope that this will make for some fascinating post-event analysis and more challenging planning in those 3 crucial hours between the maps being handed out, and the start of the event.


12-Hours or up to 24-Hours? The Choice is Yours!

[Team = Solo, pair, or team of four]

12-Hour Competition
Participants wishing to take part in the 12-hour competition must have finished within 12 hours. Late finishing teams will be penalised as below, OR given the opportunity to transfer into the 24-hour competition if they finish within 30 minutes of the 12-hour cut-off. After 12 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second (i.e. 00:30:01 on Sunday morning) any team remaining on the course is automatically entered into the 24-hour competition! 

24-Hour Competition
Any participant who has not finished after 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 1 second is automatically entered into the 'up to 24-hour event'. In the 24-hour competition teams have up to 24-hours to score points. The 24-hour event must be finished by 12 noon on Sunday and teams that are late finishing are penalised as follows:



Participants arriving back after 12- or 24-hours will be penalised incrementally as follows:

  • up to 10 minutes late = lose 1 point per minute / part minute then;
  • between 10 and 15 minutes late = lose 2 points per minute / part minute then;
  • between 16 and 29 minutes late = lose 5 points per minute / part minute then;
  • over 30 minutes late = lose all points!

We have deliberately balanced these penalties so that being, "Just a few minutes late", won't have a disastrous affect on the overall score. We hope this will encourage participants to take a risk, and go for the extra checkpoint towards the end!



Planning your route carefully can really pay off at Marmot24™ ©IanCorless


Wild Camp or Return to Base?

Teams make a personal choice whether to camp wild or return to base during the 24-hour period. Return to base has the advantage of allowing a team to access their camping equipment, food and support from friends and family at the Event Centre, but they may have to run additional distance without scoring to return to the Event Centre and head back out again. Alternatively, teams may 'bivvi' in their survival bag for a few hours or take some extra kit and wild camp. Ultimately, this is each team's choice and this is one of the great things about Marmot24™.


Final information will follow in the final fortnight leading up to the event.

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