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Final Event Details 2016

28th Jul 2016


Above: Verdant greens greeted competitors at Marmot24™ in 2015, and we expect a similar experience in 2016. © Ian Corless

This is the 3rd edition of Marmot24™, the UK’s only (up-to) 24-hour mountain marathon. Thank you for entering. This year we are heading to a brand new area in the Scottish Borders, which as far as we know has never before been used for a mountain marathon. The area is classic Border country, with large rolling hills, areas of forest, moorland, and intricate contour detail in places.

The specially commissioned map, which uses Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 data, has been carefully designed by our long-term partner Harvey Maps. We have overlaid Out of Bounds areas, crossing points etc. to create a fantastic event map. The map is printed at 1:30,000 scale, and we have used high-contrast colour saturation in the printing process to ensure that the map is crystal clear. We are confident that you’ll enjoy using it during the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Yarrow next weekend. In the meantime, please have a careful read of the following information.


Registration / Photo ID

Competitors can only register as a pair (if competing as pair), as a team of four (if competing as a 4) or alone (if they are solo), and with photo ID. The person at registration, the photo ID and the online entry credentials must all match. Even if you think someone at registration will know you, you still require photo ID. We are happy to accept a photocopy of your photo ID as long as the photocopy is sufficiently high quality that the photograph is clear, and that someone who doesn't know you can identify you from it. We know that the most significant factor in keeping competitors safe at the event is their own personal experience. As such, we need to ensure that the person entered, is the person standing in front of us at registration. 


Mandatory Kit / Kit Checks

There is a mandatory kit list and there will be strict kit checks at registration and spot checks at the finish. Please pay particular attention to the survival bag (not blanket) and 2-person emergency shelter requirement (a.k.a. group shelter or Kisu). A tent flysheet is not an alternative to an Emergency Shelter. 


Weekend Schedule

Friday 5th August 2016
1800 Event Centre Car Park, Camping and Registration OPEN (please do NOT arrive early)
1900-2200 Friday night meal available (pre-orders ONLY)
2000 Registration CLOSES
2030 Best of ShAFF Films

Saturday 6th August 2016
0800-1000 Breakfast Available (pre-orders ONLY)
0900 Registration OPENS and Maps Available
1000 Registration CLOSES
1200 (noon) Event STARTS
0000 (midnight) 12-hour period ends. First FINISH

Sunday 7th August 2016
0800-1000 Breakfast Available (pre-orders ONLY)
1100-1300 Finisher's Meal Available
1200 (noon) 24-hour period ends. Event FINISH
1300 Prize Giving
1330 Road Closure on A708 West of Yarrow ends
1600 Event Centre and Car Park Closes


Tour of the Borders Cycle Sportive – Road Closures

There will some significant road closures to the south, west and north of the Yarrow Event Centre from 0600 on Sunday morning, through to about 1330 on Sunday afternoon. This is due to the Tour of the Borders Cycle Sportive, which is a closed road event. Whilst it will be possible to leave the Event Centre early by heading east to Selkirk, it will not be possible to head south, west or north from Yarrow until these road closures are lifted. Full details are available on their website.


*New* Course Planner's Insights

Marmot24™ Course planner, Gary Tompsett, has put together a series of useful and interesting briefing notes for participants to read ahead of the event.


Marmot24™ Race Director Shane Ohly (left) with Course Planner Gary Tompsett (right). © Ian Corless

Friday Night Entertainment

The Event Centre opens from 1800 on Friday evening. Please join us for an evening meal, cake, drinks, and a selection of the Best of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF). Hot meals and tickets for the Best of ShAFF need to be booked in advance via SI Entries.

  • Friday Night Food & Film - Relax at the Event Centre and soak up the pre-event atmosphere with a tasty vegetarian sausage casserole** with bloomer main meal and cake + custard dessert, and an inspiring selection of the Best of ShAFF films - £12
  • Friday Night Food Only - A tasty vegetarian sausage casserole with bloomer main meal and cake + custard dessert - £6
  • Friday Night Film Only - An inspiring selection of the Best of ShaFF films - £6
  • The deadline for food orders is Sunday 31st July 2016. You can place your food orders via SI Entries (please log in and add to your entry).

We are unable to sell alcoholic drinks at the Event Centre but please feel free to bring your own beverages along on this occasion.


Lift Sharing

If you are travelling to this race, there is a very good chance (over 90%) that one of the other runners in the race lives nearby. Why not car share and save on petrol costs?

It only takes a minute to see how many runners are in your area, and then register. Choose whether you might be able to offer a lift, and/or if you’re looking to get a lift. You’re under no obligation, and you can opt-out if you change your mind.


Register now!

The above chart shows that 100.0% of UK runners entered could potentially car share to and from the race.
With no car sharing, runners will spend an estimated total of £16,800 on fuel, emitting 34,400 kg of CO2.


Car Parking & Event Centre Location

The Event Centre for the 2016 Marmot24™ is the picturesque village of Yarrow in the Scottish Borders. Yarrow is on the A708 approximately 10km west of Selkirk, and 35km east of Moffat. The Event Centre field, which is where the start/finish, catering, toilets, car parking, weekend camping and marquee cinema are located, is immediately beyond the church. It is the hub of the event and positioned as centrally as possible within the competition area. Checkpoints are scattered 360° around allowing maximum route choice so that competitors can choose to pass through the Event Centre during the race, with the solo and two-person teams making the choice whether to rest, or eat, whilst the four-person tag teams can tag-in their team mates; swapping tired runners for fresh runners.

The Event Centre will be sign-posted with 'Event Parking' as participants enter the village from either direction.

Nearest postcode: TD7 5LA



Further to our announcement in June, we would like to remind participants that we are changing the scoring system in 2016. For the first two years of the event, we have had equal values for all the checkpoints, regardless of where they are located on the course. For 2016, many of the checkpoints that are farther away from the Event Centre will score fewer points than those nearer to the Event Centre! This is an important change, especially for our elite competitors, because it will become very difficult for anyone to get those monster scores, and the margin between all our participants will be reduced. We hope that this will make for some fascinating post-event analysis and more challenging planning in those 3 crucial hours between the maps being handed out, and the start of the event.

There are a whopping 1000 points available from 50 checkpoints, with control scores ranging between 10 and 50 points each. But is the course clear-able?


Live GPS Tracking

For the 2016 Marmot24™ event we will be introducing live GPS tracking. We are doing this to add significantly to the event safety and to engage with the friends and family of competitors. It will be exciting viewing! Each team will be required to carry a GPS tracker. We will confirm the URL for the live tracking immediately prior to the event.

For friends and family following the race please note that there are black spots where tracking data will be temporarily unavailable (see below), and a team's tracker may appear to be stationary. Please don’t worry if this happens as we will be monitoring the competitors’ progress around the course carefully.


SOS Emergency Button / GPS Trackers

Each team's GPS tracker has an SOS Emergency Button. In the event of serious (threat to life or limb) incident, this button should be pressed immediately.

Pressing the SOS button sends a text message with your location to the Race Director via the mobile phone networks. In an emergency it is worth pressing this SOS button even if your own mobile phone shows no network coverage. Pressing and holding this button until the tracker vibrates will initiate an emergency response by the emergency services and event staff. As the Race Director will have little information about your emergency, Mountain Rescue and a Search and Rescue helicopter will be requested by the Race Director. Pressing the SOS button leads to automatic disqualification for the team requiring aid.

Please note that although the GPS trackers record their location via GPS satellite signal, they only send out their location data via the phone network (the same network that is used to send text messages). As such, there are black spots in the competition area (typically valleys) where there is no network coverage. At these locations the tracker records its location, buffering the data, and then sends it out once it is back in network coverage. In these black spots it is not possible to send an SOS message but always worth trying. 

Each team's GPS track will be live in real-time during the event. Every team's GPS track will be publicly available to download as a GPX file after the event, and also available to watch via a 'replay' function.


Personal GPS Enabled Devices

Absolutely no GPS / Satellite navigation devices (including watches, phones etc.) allowed. This includes GPS watches that can display distance travelled or speed even if they cannot display location data. Altimeters that work only via barometric pressure are allowed. We encourage teams to carry a mobile phone with them but it must be turned off and sealed in a bag at registration. Unless required for a genuine emergency, the mobile phone must remain sealed in the bag for the duration of the event and this will be checked at Kit Check.


Final Safety Reminder

The number one risk to competitors at Marmto24™ will be driving home after the event. This is almost certainly the most dangerous activity you will do all weekend. Please take advantage of the Event Centre and have a few hours of sleep before travelling home and a coffee.

We hope your preparations for Marmot24™ are going well. It is certainly time to taper! If you have questions not covered by this email or on the website's 'Race Details' section, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Until next week,

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