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Marmot24™ 2016 - Race Director's Report

10th Aug 2016

Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-130

Lee Langdon on his way to victory in the 12-hour competition © Steve Ashworth

Marmot24™ is one of my favourite events to organise. It is a grassroots mountain marathon event, that attracts experienced and capable participants and offers a superb mountain running and navigation challenge. Also, after all the participants have started on Saturday, rather than frantically packing and relocating the Event Centre (like many of our other events), we get to sit in the sunshine and watch 'tracker TV'! 

Whilst the event will need to grow in the future to be sustainable, right now it is a total pleasure to witness the evident enjoyment that the participants have whilst taking part in the event. When placing and collecting controls immediately before, and after the event, the joy of running and navigating in this rarely visited area of the Scottish Borders was really brought home to me, and I am proud of the great job Gary has done planning the event, and the brilliant job that our event team did delivering the event. Well done everyone. 

Reflections from the winning team

Reflections on the 2016 event and course with Kenny Leitch who was part of a pairs team (with Keith Masson) - together they scored a gigantic 980 points out of a total 1000 available over the 24 hour period - impressive!

Posted by Marmot24 on Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Planner's Report

Gary Tomspett was the planner for Marmot24™ this year (he also planned the 2015 edition in the Lowther Hills). Gary has written his own Planner's report as a standalone item, and I’ll try to avoid covering the same ground as him in my Race Director's report. 

Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-172b2

Team Buchanan (Hugh Buchanan and his daughters Catriona, Aileen and Shona competing as a 4-person tag team) heading off into the rolling Scottish Borders  © Steve Ashworth

Event Team

As I have already mentioned, the event team did a superb job during the event. The roles that everyone takes on vary enormously. Some of the team are largely focused on checkpoint placement and collection, others on serving tea. Both are equally important and I would like to thank the entire team by name:

  • Abbi Forsyth
  • Ann Perry
  • Becci Leung
  • Becky Tate
  • Beverley Notton
  • Colin Harding
  • Duncan Kendrick
  • Gary Tompsett
  • Geoff Cox
  • Heather Ohly
  • Helen Samson
  • James Duffy
  • Jim Imber
  • Kate Worthington
  • Kim Potter
  • Malcolm Rudge
  • Paul Beeson
  • Paul Imrie
  • Philip Wilkinson
  • Sue Dowker
  • Tom Hecht

Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-37

And they are off! Participants set off for the third Marmot24™ Mountain Marathon in the Bowhill Estate area of the Scottish Borders © Steve Ashworth


Well done to everyone who took part. The full results (with split times) are available on the website. The overall results and category winners were:

1st Kenny Leitch & Keith Masson
2nd Jon Moulding
3rd Timothy Martin
5th / 1st MIX Carol Morgan / David Harrison / Helen & Martyn Price
11th / 1st U21 Joeseph Kingdon / Harry Fox / Matt Birdsall / Tom Snow
23rd / 1st Female Charlotte Turner & Lydia Farzin-Nia

1st / 1st Vet Lee Langdon
2nd / 1st Female Elsie Riley
3rd Rob Allen & Jim Gayler
4th / 1st MIX Zac Poulton & Sarah Bailey

Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-57

1st Mixed Team and 4th Overall: Zac Poulton and Sarah Bailey in the 12-hour competition

GPS Tracking

This year we introduced GPS Tracking for the first time, and this is what I have been doing with all my mountain marathon events. I strongly believe that events need to embrace technology, move with the times, yet retain their authenticity. For me this means retaining the core mountain navigation challenge that lies at the heart of the event. However, GPS tracking has so much to offer in terms of safety management, communication over social media and interaction with the wider outside world. From our perspective it was a success, but I would be interested to hear your views in any feedback you provide. It is now possible to ‘Replay’ the entire event, revisit any of the tracks from any of the competitors, and to download a GPX track for further analysis at home, and for editing and uploading onto online training dairies. 



Feedback is very important to us, and comments you have – good or bad – are very much appreciated. Please can you send these to us: 


Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-170

Team Wilson (David Wilson and his brother Peter, and children Ben and Kate competing as a 4-person tag team - pictured Ben and Kate) as dusk falls and weather worsens on Saturday night  © Steve Ashworth


This year Steve Ashworth from MOViEit was attending the event and he has captured some great images. It is a very tough job for a photographer because everyone takes such diverse route choices and there are no mandatory checkpoints, where he might catch everyone. That said, and with the aid of the tracking information, Steve spent a challenging 24-hours racing around himself to document the event:

Please don't be shy tagging yourself and friends in the Facebook galleries!



Rich Heap from Slackjaw was also facing the same challenges, although he was filming rather than photographing. Check out the video now: 

Marmot24 2016 film

What exactly does a 24-hour mountain marathon entail? Watch the Marmot24 2016 film now! Will you join us in 2017?

Posted by Marmot24 on Tuesday, 16 August 2016



I would like to sincerely thank our title sponsor Marmot and supporting sponsor Petzl. Without their support, Marmot24™ really wouldn’t be viable and they are doing a lot to support grassroots mountain events in the UK. The best way you can thank them is to buy some of their awesome kit next you are shopping! 


Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-38

The event team's uniform, supplied by Marmot, comprised the quality Cyclone SS Tee and Limantour Pant


Additional Thanks

Finally, on behalf of Gary and I, we would like to express our thanks to the following landowners and organisations for their support. 

  • Rory Powell at Bowhill Estate and their numerous tenant farmers.
  • Caitlin Hume at Sundhope Farm.
  • The Mulholland family at Hyndhope and Ettrickshaws.
  • Stuart Riddell and family of Wester Kershope.
  • Alex Telfer at Broadmeadows Farm.
  • Kevin Sewell of Borders Council
  • Emma and Chris at Yarrow - for a solid internet connection and more.
  • Paul McGreal and Colin Slater - for some discrete field intell.
  • Tweed Mountain Rescue Team and Borders SAR for their interest.
  • Neil Dalgleish at Hillside Outside (Tour o' the Borders)
  • Pete Child at Harvey Maps.
  • Rob Marriott at Open Tracking.

Marmot 24- Copyright Steve Ashworth-157

Alex Kemp 'returns to base' in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the 24-hour competition © Steve Ashworth

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